Our Mission

To help the industrial sector thrive through the application of data-driven processes and cutting-edge AI technologies.

Core Team

  • Hector Klie
    CEO, Lead Data Scientist
  • Arturo Klie
    CTO, Sr. Software Engineer
  • Duc Le
    Sr. Reservoir Engineer, Software Engineer
  • Duc Vuong
    Sr. Petroleum Engineer, Software Engineer
  • Wei Ma
    Sr. Petroleum Engineer, Data Scientist


  • Mick Fetkovich
    Petroleum Engineer Expert
  • Yves Chevalier
    Exploration Geosciences Expert
  • Tan Nguyen
    Drilling and Production Engineer Expert
  • Reinaldo Gonzalez
    Geomodeling and Risk Analysis Expert
  • Horacio Florez
    Computational Scientist and Geomechanics Expert