Hector Klie to present at Energy in Data 2019

May 21, 2019

Hector Klie, CEO, has been invited to give a talk and be a panelist at the Energy in Data Conference jointly organized by the SPE, SEG and AAPG. The event will gather data scientists and decision makers primarily involved in the digital transformation of the Oil and Gas industry. The event will be held in Austin, 17-19 June, 2019.

Our CEO will be providing insights about the need of developing physics-informed AI models that can lead to the generation of explainable and scalable predictions. “The mere use of what is commonly known as black-box solutions may prevent extensive adoption of integrated and sustainable AI solutions. Engineers and managers are always interested in pursuing practical solutions that are ultimately grounded on physical principles. Otherwise, they will feel uneasy to apply them”, asserts Dr. Klie in many technical discussions at DeepCast.

“DeepCast's mission is definitely married with the idea of leveraging, discovering and expanding domain knowledge and first principles through innovations in AI. The multi-operational nature of the Oil & Gas industry requires solutions that can cope with a wide range of uncertainty, model complexity and human intervention. These factors challenge the best AI algorithms available today. Our task is to contextualize the best of AI to our business and make accessible for streamlining most operations”, adds Dr. Klie.

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