DeepCast Featured at ADIPEC 2019

November 12, 2019

ADIPEC is one of the most prestigious Oil and Gas conferences in the world. The 2019 edition of this conference was held in Abu Dhabi on November 11-14, 2019. DeepCast in collaboration with Oxy and the University of Tulsa presented overarching results on how reduced physics models, advanced optimization approaches combined with a team of field operations experts can generate fast and robust IOR field surveillance processes.

This work was very well received by the audience as it represents a tangible case where a low-fidelity simulator based on reduced physics can deliver fast and reliable field recommendations to reduce field operational costs and increase production. It was clear that pure high fidelity simulations or machine learning model may not be suitable for this type of problems due to simultaneous requirements in speed and accuracy. The proposed approach was shown to be not only fast and robust, but also auditable and consistent to expected field observations.

Further details about this work can be seen at the paper “Middle East Steamflood Field Optimization Demonstration Project”, SPE paper number SPE-197751-MS.

DeepCast Featured at ADIPEC 2019

Fig 1. Production before and after the workflow implementation based on the reduced-physics model.

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