Expedite Field Development by 100x

Speed is critical to compete for land and scale production

Extensive data preparation, manual model calibration and predictions are falling way behind operation schedules. We empower asset managers and engineers to be up-to-speed with reliable recommendations for designing best completion designs, in-fill locations, pressure drawdown, proppant concentrations and strategize the best subsurface and surface integrations.

Monitor and Learn from Asset Performance

Our platform allows to automatically perform rigorous fitting, forecasts and KPIs of 1000 wells using top popular DCA models for every phase in less than 15 minutes. The user can revise and tweak any estimation according to his experience. Our underlying AI engine progressively learns from both data and user’s “bullish” vs “bear” aptitude towards future production estimation.
DeepCast KPI

Identify Relevant Production Events

Production data is rich on formation and human-induced events. Our platform automatically labels shut-ins, choke changes, stimulation and unexpected outliers that facilitate the discovery of better-informed asset analogies (e.g., location, operator, injected fluids). The user can correct or add these production labels based on his interpretations, and the system will reinforce those learnings.
DeepCast Label

Plan Prospect Scenarios

Get an accurate estimation of infill scenarios for different production times or on a consolidated production profile. Our tool will provide a set of top-ranked possibilities under uncertainty that the user can ultimately choose from based on his/her own judgment. With this automatic solution, the decision-maker can quickly explore unforeseen possibilities yielding the highest return at the lowest risk.
DeepCast 3D
Deep Cast
AI Assisted Data Cleaning
Quickly upload your files or connect disparate databases to get all your data organized into one easy-to-use platform
Deep Cast
Physics-Informed AI Models
Let the engine select the most suitable model for you based on fluid/fracture dynamics, data learnings and accumulated user experience.
Deep Cast
Automatic Recommendations
Get the best possible combination of scenarios being automatically recommended to you.

How It Works

The DeepCast AI platform can be deployed on any IT infrastructure including on-premise or the cloud. We can help you integrate multiple standards or personalized that sources into one clean and consolidated big data repository. We can then provide domain-specific analytics with our powerful AI modules, or we can quickly personalize a module to fit your business needs. All our analytical results can be visualized through your mobile device or desktop computer from a browser or within your existing Spotfire templates.
DeepCast Architecture

Our Pricing

Our company offers flexible pricing models to fit your business needs. Contact us for more details.

On-Demand Reports

Complete your field analysis with high quality reports within 24 hours

  • Decline analysis of public data for all phases using the Arps and Modified Hyperbolic models
  • IRR and NPV values per well with different economic scenarios and cut-off points
  • View your reports through our SaaS web platform and export CSV or Excel spreadsheets

$5 / Well

Minimum: 500 Wells

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Enterprise License

Setup our AI platform on your existing cloud or on-premise infrastructure

  • Unlimited decline and rate transient analysis for all phases using multiple models
  • Smart tagging of production events and powerful key performance indicators
  • Advanced physics + AI modeling using pressure, geological, completion and drilling data
  • Frequent updates and technical support included

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