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Below is a sampling of our proactive solutions that integrate into your existing workflows. We are expanding on automated modeling, opportunity discovery and optimization technologies.

Well Location Evaluator

  • Evaluate potential infill well locations through the integrated analysis of geological, production, and completion data.

  • Forecast the well bottom hole pressure, initial production rate and short-term production profiles with estimated confidence intervals.

  • Maximize your well productions by selecting optimal well location and completion designs, or let the analytics engine prescribe an optimal solution for you.

  • Interact with intuitive user interface that saves times by providing quick diagnostics.

Real-Time Predictor

  • Incorporate a proactive, predictive maintenance strategy for improving safety, reducing downtimes, and increase the overall lifespan of assets.

  • Gain more visibility into the health of your assets with real-time analytics.

  • Enhance your risk assessment and planning process by getting prompt notifications about anomalies and seasonal trends.

  • Get real-time updates from your field equipment and sensors through visualization.

Production Forecaster

  • Combine other drivers such as drilling information, completion design, and rock properties to improve your RTA.

  • Account for uncertainty in your input parameters and production profiles.

  • Increase accuracy by leveraging physics based models with novel data driven approaches.

  • Leverage your historical data in combination with public data to batch-generate production forecasts of infill and existing wells.


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