We Simplify Operations

Through Innovations in Physics and AI

Many Businesses Struggle to Take Full Advantage of Their Data

Our goal is to automate manual tasks and streamline your data pipeline so you can focus on business critical decisions.

↑ Data Usage ↓ Analysis Time ↑ Accuracy

We Offer an Integrated Platform With Modules
Tailored for The Oil and Gas Industry

Field Evaluation

Our Forecaster Module allows customers to accurately forecast more than 2700 horizontal wells at Permian Basin in less than 1 hour. Each well is associated with a rigorous estimation of uncertainty, thus provide deeper insights into expected investment returns and risks.

Real-Time Predictor

Our Streamer Module helps reduce discrepancies between data sources, and provides a mechanism to monitor and predict issues days in advance. Advanced data-physics models coupled with an intuitive UI in Spotfire and mobile devices help operators cut 10% in operating expenses per well, and increase collaboration across teams.

Infill Predictions

Our Predictor Modules captures the essence of geological, reservoir, production, and completion data and exposes the strongest production drivers, predicts the production and pressure of prospect wells, and recommends locations and well-spacing. A team of geoscientists and engineers can be more effective at planning optimal infill strategies and completion designs.

We Strive for Cutting-Edge Solutions
Through our Strategic High-Tech Partnerships

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